1. General FAQ's

1. What is the process of taking any product live on Myshopbazzar?

Ans. :- First you'll need to get register with Myshopbazzar and upon successful registration you'll receive a registration link and vendor code. Once this process is over and after proper panel trainings you'll need to upload the product and once its QC done from our side your products will go live on Myshopbazzar.com.

Note: Product upload process is available in panel.

2. What controls I will have for my products once they go live?

Ans. :- You'll have controls over you product's Inventory & Pricing. If you are a single seller, you'll also have controls over description and content of your products. Also you will have access to active or Inactive your products.

3. What is Vendor Code?

Ans. :- Vendor code is a unique code given to each vendor after getting registered on Myshopbazzar.

4. Who will create my Vendor Code?

Ans. :- Your Vendor code will be created during the process of your registration with Myshopbazzar. It'll be shared with you over mail.

5. Where can I find my Vendor Code?

Ans. :- The Vendor code is shared with you over mail. You can also find it in your panel.

6. How can I take products live in multiple categories?

Ans. :- When you upload your product you will see multiple categories option where you can select the categories as you need.

7. How can I get my pricing above other sellers?

Ans. :- If you provide the better selling price than other sellers then your pricing will be on above.

2.FAQ's - Product Upload

1. I don't know how to upload the product?

Ans. :- Product upload process will available on your pane. You will get proper training about the upload. Also few basic details can be given on call also, depending upon the issues being faced.

2. How can I edit description & add quantity of product?

Ans. :- For this you'll need to go to your panel then go to your live product list where you can edit the product description and update the quantity.

3. I don't know which sub-category to choose. Can you please help?

Ans. :- First you'll need to check if you've selected the correct category or not. Select the sub-category as per the product you are listing. If you are still facing problem than contact us by phone or raise a ticket.

4. How can I raise a ticket?

Ans. :- Go to your panel and click on sell support then you can raise a ticket.

5. Is there any objection for product description?

Ans. :- Yes, you need to provide only exact product description. If you give the fake description then product will be rejected and you may also charged penalty.

6. What will happen if my product is rejected?

Ans. :- You need to provide brand authorization letter and your purchase invoice copy. You'll have to do the necessary changes/corrections.

7. Do you have presentation which can guide me about how to upload the product?

Ans. :- Yes, we will provide you with the presentation link during your training.

8. Do you have any format for size chart?

Ans. :- Yes, it is available on your panel.

9. Can I have different size charts for different SKUs?

Ans. :- A single brand can only have one size chart for a single sub-category.

10. Can I upload multiple brands?

Ans. :- Yes you can. We will guide you at the time of training.

11. I have uploaded the product but my products are not live. Please share the reasons?

Ans. :- After you upload the product and Images, there are few QC process in our end after that it goes for live. It may take some days to make the product live. For detailed status please mark a mail to sellersupport@myshopbazzar.com with your upload ID.

12. Can I make changes in my selling price?

Ans. :- Yes, you can change.

13. What is COD and Non-COD?

Ans. :- 1).COD is Cash on Delivery
              2). Non-COD means a prepaid transaction.

14. How can I update inventory & price changes of my products?

Ans. :- You can update them through the Inventory & Price Panel shared with you.

15. Can I increase or decrease SLA of my products?

Ans. :- Yes. You can but it shouldn't exceed 5 days.

16. Once the upload is done, how long will it take to reflect on website?

Ans. :- Depending on the Server speed, it normally takes 1-2 hours to get live.

17. What if I need to un-publish my products?

Ans. :- You can directly inactive the product from your panel which you want to unpublish. You can also unpublish the by updating their inventory as zero.

18. My products were live yesterday but now they are not visible on website. Why?

Ans. :- This could happen because its inventory is zero. (Product may not reflect live if sku is disabled. Sku can be disabled by OFT team if not dispatching within SLA).

19. Why my products are sold out and how can I make them available?

Ans. :- You'll need to update the inventory in the given panel.

3. FAQ's - Image QC

1. Do you have any particular nomenclature for image name?

Ans. :- If yes, then please share an example. The Image Name should be same as the SKU Code. Also SKU code cannot be duplicate.

2. Do you follow any fixed size or dimension for images?

Ans. :- If yes, then please share an example. Our standard Image dimension is: 900x900

3. Can I have spaces between image names?

Ans. :-No.

4. On what parameters my images can get rejected?

Ans. :-The Images can be rejected due to:- -> Bad Image Quality -> The default Image does not have proper front view -> The Image size or resolution is not as per guideline -> The default image cannot have multiple angle views -> Image name and SKU code are not matching.

5. What will happen if my images are rejected?

Ans. :-You'll need to make necessary correction and reupload them.

6. Do you have any tutorial on how to process images?

Ans. :-We can only share the image guidelines also you can all us if you face any problem during the upload of image.

7. Is it mandatory to have white background on every product?

Ans. :-Yes, except for home furnishings.

8. Image size and dimensions were as per the guidelines, still they got rejected. Why?

Ans. :-It could be because of Image resolution, blur or spot.

9. Do you accept images carrying brand logo?

Ans. :-No.

10. I don't have any tool to process the images. What should be done in this case?

Ans. :-In this case you'll need to contact us.

4.FAQ's - Shipping Panel

1. What is the link for shipping panel login?

Ans. :-sellers.myshopbazzar.com

2. Which option needs to be selected for dispatch products?

Ans. :-You need to select "Manage Order" option from the panel and select the orders which are ready for dispatch.

3. Will the commission be debited if we mark the order out of stock?

Ans. :-Yes, since you have not fulfilled the orders for which you had updated the inventory.

4. In case invoice is not generated after clicking on the "print pack slip and invoice" option, what will you check?

Ans. :-In this case, you'll need to contact us.

5. What needs to be done with the Retail Invoice printout?

Ans. :-You'll need to insert the retail invoice printout inside the parcel along with the product before final packaging.

6. What needs to be done with the pack slip printout?

Ans. :-You have to paste the pack-slip on the top of the parcel after packaging

7. From which tab you can generate the Manifest?

Ans. :-Click on the "Manifest" tab.

8. How will you enter the AWB numbers to generate the manifest?

Ans. :-It will show automatic.

9. Which internet browser should be used to run the Shipping Panel?

Ans. :-Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, IE.

10. Will Invoice code get generated automatically in Manual Panel?

Ans. :-NO, in this case you'll have to enter it manually.

11. Do I need to provide any document at the time of shipping to the courier person?

Ans. :-Yes you'll have to hand him a copy of the Manifest.

12. Can we ask the seller's user name and password?

Ans. :-NO.

13. What need to be done after getting signed manifest from the courier person?

Ans. :-You will have to upload the manifest in the panel to complete the process.

5.FAQ's- Inventory & Price Panel

1. What is the login link for Inventory/Price panel?

Ans. :-http://seller.myshopbazzar.com

2. How much time it takes to get the inventory status updated on the site?

Ans. :-It takes approximately 3 to 4 minutes to reflect on the site.

3. How we can download the excel data of the products?

Ans. :-You'll have to click on "Download" button on the panel.

4. From Price Panel, which of the following can you change?

Ans. :-You can change the Selling Price from this panel.

5. Which group of charges will get deducted from the 'selling price'?

Ans. :-Myshopbazzar's Margin Amount + Collection Charges + Fulfillment Charges.

6. Can I change the MRP from this Panel?

Ans. :-Yes. You have to put the exact MRP which is mention on product.